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December 25th, 2021            

We had so much fun last year with our gingerbread house competition that we decided to make it an annual tradition. Unfortunately our planning wasn't the best, and we struggled getting everyone together to work on them. We were using Great-Grandma's condo on Lido Key on Christmas night and did our best to work on the houses there, but with space being limited and Samantha & Derek in a rush to hang out with their friends, we decided to let the kids have a go at it this year.

The results weren't great, as Tara didn't have the proper ingredients to make the frosting necessary to hold the housing pieces together. She did her best, but with the kids being in a yank the houses didn't really hold together. Jayden was the only one to really focus and take her time, so she gets first prize by default this year.

As the kids age, we may have to plan a weekend before or after Christmas to participate in these types of events. Whatever we decide to do, I'm sure it'll be fun!


Gingerbread House Competition II

Tara getting the frosting ready so that Drew, Derek & Samantha, and Jayden can build and decorate their houses.

Jay getting her house well underway.

Derek & Sam rushed out to an early lead on their house design.

Drew making progress on his house.

A couple more views of Sam & Derek's house...


Another look at the progress on Drew's house.

After building a girls strip club last year, she opted for equal opportunity nudity this season...


Sam and Derek nailed the Christmas tree design outside of the house.

Drew built a sweet chimney on his house...

...and even included Santa going down it.

Jay posing for a picture with her house...

...and showing off a few views of it...


...even including a stripper on the pole.

Jay going for a bite!



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