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July 30th, 2021            

Jayden has been wanting to find a location for a hike for quite some time now, and since we were both home today (and everyone else was busy with work!) we decided that today was our day to explore! We headed off to a nearby park - the Little Manatee River State Park - to hit their 6.2 mile trail. While the sights were pretty, the trail itself was a little more hit or miss. Some parts were clearly defined while others were terribly overgrown, causing us to question if we were even still on the trail! We are already looking forward to another hiking experience, but we will probably try to time it so we aren't going in the middle of summer!


Little Manatee River State Park

Taking the camera out of the air conditioned car and into the Florida heat and humidity resulted in a very foggy photo of Jayden!

Here is a "clearer" picture of Jay before we started our hike.

A look at the scenery at the beginning of the trail.

The "welcome" sign to the Little Manatee River State Park hiking trail.

Jayden making her way along the trail.

A look at Jay posing for a picture with a "rope".

And some more photos from our hike...


Jayden and Rodney near the end of their hike.


Another picture of Jay and Rod, this time at the end of the hike!


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