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Saturday, December 3rd, 2022              

Jayden wanted to take a bunch of her friends to the beach for her 16th birthday. We had planned on going to Anna Maria Island, Lido Beach, or even Siesta Key, but red tide out those plans on hold. Clearwater Beach was clear of red tide, so we headed there for the day. Here are some of the pictures from our time at the beach over the course of the day...

Clearwater Beach


Jayden and her friends (Allie, Angie, Arianna, Avery, and Kylee) hanging out before heading to the water.


A Google-fied version of the above picture.


Jay and her friends hanging out in the Gulf of Mexico.


Rodney taking a selfie while killing time as the girls hung out on the beach.


Avery walking towards Kylee and Jay.


Kylee and Jay checking out the sunset while taking photos.


The girls taking selfies on the shore.


Another picture of the girls on the beach.


Allie, Avery, Angie, Jayden, Arianna, Kylee posing for group sunset pictures...






Another shot of Kylee and Jay admiring the sunset.


After our time at the beach, we headed back home to celebrate Jayden's birthday with cake and a variety of appetizers before the girls had their sleepover. Happy 16th birthday, Jayden!

"Happy Birthday to You" at Home


Jayden's birthday cake from Publix.


Jay's cake with her candles on it.


Jay posing for a photo as her friends sing "Happy Birthday" to her.


Jay preparing to blow out her candles.



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