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Sunday, February 20th, 2022              

TARSA Championship Game

Wesley Chapel District Park - Wesley Chapel 1st Half 2nd Half Final
Florida Hawks FC U16-2 0 0 0
Florida Premier FC RADD U16 1 1 1 3


Jayden and her Florida Hawks teammates returned to the fields in Wesley Chapel to take on the Florida Premier FC RADD team in the TARSA Championship Game. Prior to the start of the game each team walked onto the field and lined up (similar to what the high school teams do, but without introductions). After the referee met with the captains from each side, it was time to get underway!

The first half got underway, and it was dominated by the RADD team. The Hawks gave it their best effort, but they were left shorthanded, with only one substitute player, thanks in part to the opposing coach not allowing any Hawks guest players. The RADD side dominated the possession of the ball, only allowing a single Hawks shot during the entire first half, which came just before the half expired. It was the RADD team that broke through first, getting on the scoreboard prior to the first water break, thanks to a nice pass through the box that they were able to kick in behind the Hawks keeper. The Hawks would be able to limit the damage to just that single goal during the opening half, and would go into halftime trailing by a 1-0 score.

Yesterday the Hawks came out strong in the second half, and were hoping for a repeat during today's contest. Unfortunately, it wasn't meant to be. Neither side created much offense before the second water break, with the RADD side getting the only two shots on goal. After the two teams returned to finish out the game, it started to become obvious that the Hawks squad was beginning to tire. The RADD team widened their lead early after the break, scoring on a long, hard kick that found its way into the back of the Hawks net, making it a 2-0 game. Moments later that lead grew to three goals, thanks to a corner kick that deflected off of a RADD players neck and into the goal. The RADD squad kept attacking, but the Hawks defense and goalkeeper weren't going to allow the deficit to grow any further. Unfortunately, as has been the problem all year long, the Hawks offense was non-existent during this game. The late first half shot on goal was their only real opportunity to score. When the final score found the Hawks on the wrong side of the ledger, losing 3-0 and coming in as the league runners-up.

Despite hoping for a victory today, the parents of this Florida Hawks team are all extremely proud of the effort that the girls put into their entire season. They never gave up, and fought until the very end. Congratulations on an excellent season girls!


TARSA Championship Game - Florida Hawks FC U16-2 at Florida Premier FC RADD U16


Jayden and her Florida Hawks teammates lined up on the field before the start of the game.


A closer look at Jay in the Florida Hawks player lineup.


Jay using her body to settle down a bouncing ball.


Jay challenging a RADD player for the ball.


Jay taking aim at the bull during a goal kick...


...and sending it down the field towards her teammates.


Jay going after a high arching kick...


...and using her body to settle the ball down...


...before turning up the field with possession.


Jayden reaching back for a goal kick...


...and making contact with the ball... order to send it down the field.


Jay battling for position with a RADD player.


Jay lining up for another goal kick...


...before stepping into the kick...


...and making contact with the ball...


...and sending it ahead to her teammates.


Jay lining up for yet another goal kick...


...before stepping into the kick...


...and making contact with the ball...


...and sending it ahead to her teammates.


Jayden dribbling the ball down the field.


Jay booting the ball ahead.


Jay knocking the ball away from a RADD player before the collision.


Jay taking another goal kick.


Jay taking over possession of the ball...


...before being pressured by a RADD player.


Jay using her body to get to the ball.


Jayden lining up another goal kick...


...and kicking it to her offensive partners up the field.


Jay reaching out with her foot to get the ball...


...and knocking it away from the RADD forward.


Although Jayden and her Florida Hawks teammates fell short of the ultimate goal - the championship - they far exceeded expectations during their playoff run to the championship game. After the conclusion of today's game, the team was presented with the runners-up trophy and individual medals. Some of the pictures from the ceremony can be seen below...

Runner-Up Trophy/Medal Presentation


The championship and runners-up trophies being presented.


The Florida Hawks coach accepting the runners-up trophy...


..and thanking his assistant coach and players.


Jayden getting her medal...


...before returning to her teammates.


Jay posing for a picture with the trophy.


Jayden joining some of her teammates for a photo.



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