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Saturday, January 22nd, 2022              

Game #10

R.Y.S.A. Field - Wimauma 1st Half 2nd Half Final
Florida Hawks FC U16-2 0 1 1
Rural YSA Wimauma Lady Warriors 0 1 1    1 1 4


Jayden and her Florida Hawks teammates traveled down to Wimauma this morning to take on the Wimauma Lady Warriors on a cold, wet morning for their first game on artificial turf. This game ended up being a tale of two halves. The first half of this game was spent almost entirely in the middle of the field, with only three shots being placed on net. The Hawks got the games first scoring opportunity, and the Warriors got the final two of the half. The goalkeepers were up to the task despite the lack of action that they faced, and we went into halftime without seeing a goal.

There was a lot more offense in the second half, with both teams finding their offense. Unfortunately, it was the Warriors side that had the most success in their end. The Wimauma squad would get on the board first, thanks to a nice pass across the field to an open player on the opposite side of the field who was able to kick back across the open net. They followed that goal up with another, this time as a Warriors forward drove through the middle of the Hawks defense and got off a shot that went to the right of the goalkeeper. Despite trailing 2-0 following the water break, the Hawks had not given up. They broke through on their fourth shot of the half, with their goal coming on a pass from the corner that they were able to kick into the back side of the net, narrowing their deficit to a 2-1 margin. Unfortunately, the final two shots of the game resulted in goals for the Warriors. Their third goal of the game was a near carbon-copy of their second, as the same Warriors forward once again dribbled through the heart of the Hawks defense to score another goal. The final Wimauma goal was largely enabled through the lack of effort from the Hawks keeper, which effectively sealed the loss and the 4-2 score.


Florida Hawks FC U16-2 Game #10 - at Rural YSA Wimauma Lady Warriors


Jayden taking control of the ball...


...and making her way around a Wimauma attacker...


...before getting a pass of just as another Wimauma player closes in.


Jay sending a pass down the field to her offensive teammates.


Jay using her body to settle down a bouncing ball...


...before hitting it with her knee to send it forward.


Jay making a move around a Warriors forward.


The field saw some visitors during game play this morning!


Jay taking a glance at the sideline.


Jayden dribbling the ball up the field as a Warriors player approaches.


Jay winding up for a kick down the field.


Jay taking aim at the ball for a goal kick...


...and sending it flying down the field.


Jay on the turf after being knocked down.


Jay chuckling about something that happened on the field.


Jay getting her foot on a Warriors pass attempt.


Jay doing her best to drive to the net...


...before being knocked to the ground.


Jay battling for the ball in the corner (and winning it)...


...before taking a shove in the back while getting off a pass...


...and once again being knocked to the turf.


Jayden dribbling the ball up the field...


...and 'nutmegging' a Warriors player at midfield...


...and getting around her with the ball...


...before getting tripped up...


...and once again...


...hitting the turf (and her head this time - thankfully she was OK).


Jay going after the loose bouncing ball.


Jay driving with the ball into the corner...


...and taking another hit.


Jayden's reaction to being knocked to the ground so many times in one game.


Jay dribbling the ball up the field.



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