Game 11

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Saturday, February 5th, 2022              

Game #11

Florida Hawks FC Field - Lithia 1st Half 2nd Half Final
Florida Hawks FC U16-2 0 0 0
Florida Premier FC MIT Sirens 0 0 0


I wasn't able to attend the final regular season game for Jayden and her Florida Hawks teammates due to work, and based on the score I didn't miss much. As you can see from the scoreboard above, the end result was a 0-0 draw against the Florida Premier FC Sirens. Not a victory, but not a bad way to end the season either. Go Hawks! Here's looking forward to watching you in the playoffs!

Florida Hawks FC U16-2 Game #11 - vs. Florida Premier FC MIT Sirens


Jayden dribbling through the middle of four Sirens players.


Jay running towards the action.


Jay taking control of the ball...


...before turning up the field...


...and getting out in front of the pack...


...and leading the attack.


Jay watching the action in front of her.


Jay looking back at the play.


Jay lining up a direct kick...


...and sending the ball down the field.


Jayden thought a penalty should have been called on this play.


Jay lining up a goal kick...


...and sending the ball down the field.


Jay surveying the field before the Hawks take a corner kick.


Jay lining up for another direct kick...


...and winding up...


...before making contact with the ball...


...and sending it towards the net.



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