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Saturday, January 8th, 2022              

Game #9

Florida Hawks FC Field - Lithia 1st Half 2nd Half Final
Florida Hawks FC U16-2 1 0 1
Tampa Bay United North 2006 - Avellan 0 0 0


Jayden's Florida Hawks team finally got a chance to hit the field for their first game of 2022, taking on the Tampa Bay United North Avellan team at the Hawks home fields. The girls dominated the action throughout the entire game, even if most of the time was spent with possession of the ball in the midfield area. They led the shots on goal difference by a pretty wide margin, holding the TBU team to just three shots the entire game. The lone goal of the game came on a penalty kick, thanks to a TBU handball in the box (that saved a goal anyway, so in the end it was a wash). Not the highest scoring game we've ever watched, but we will certainly take the "W"! Way to go Hawks!

Florida Hawks FC U16-2 Game #9 - vs. Tampa Bay United North 2006 - Avellan


Jayden walking on the field as the game gets underway.


Jay settling the ball down with her foot.


Thumbs up!


Jay lining up a free kick...


...and taking aim at the ball...


...before making contact...


...and sending the ball flying down the field.


Jay fighting off a TBU player...


...and getting the pass off to a teammate ahead of her.


Jay lining up a pass...


...and sending the ball down the field.


Jayden taking another free kick...


...and getting a good kick off...


...while sending the ball flying.


Jay talking to a teammate... or maybe giving an air fist-bump?


Jay dribbling the ball... a TBU player closes in.


Jay stepping up on defense...


...and booting the ball back to her offensive teammates.


Jay dribbling the ball up the field.


Jay taking a pretty decent hit from the TBU player while trying to get off a pass.


Jayden taking aim at the ball on a corner kick...


...and sending the ball on a line towards the net.


Jay dribbling the ball up the field...


...while looking up for an open teammate...


...while being challenged for the ball...


...and taking some body contact from the TBU player.


Jay kicking the ball back down to her teammates.


Jay fighting through a crowd while dribbling the ball.



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