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Saturday, April 16th, 2022              

Game #2

Florida Hawks FC Field - Lithia 1st Half 2nd Half Final
Florida Hawks FC U16 T2 Quinones 0 1   1
U16 Wimauma 1    1 2


Jayden and her Florida Hawks teammates took on the Wimauma team at the Florida Hawks home fields this morning. The game got off to a slow start for both teams, as they spent the majority of the time in the middle of the field. The Hawks couldn't manage any sort of offensive attack, while Wimauma was limited to just four shots on net during the entire time. Unfortunately, they did manage to convert on one of their shots just before the water break, as the initial shot deflected off of the Hawks keepers' hands, where a Wimauma attacker was poised to kick the rebound home for the 1-0 lead. Only one shot found it's way on net following the water break, so the two teams headed into intermission with the same 1-0 score.

The pace of play picked up during the second half. The Hawks got their first two shots of the game to open the half, and the two teams traded opportunities through the second water break. Neither side managed to break through before the break, however. Finally, late in the second half, the Hawks found themselves on a 'breakaway' as one of their forwards found themselves stride for stride beside a Wimauma defender. She managed to beat the Wimauma goalkeeper, as the ball was just out of reach and went in off of her gloves, knotting the game at a goal apiece. Just when it looked like that may be the way the game would come to an end, the Wimauma girls got an opportunity off of a corner kick. The kick sailed toward the goal, and went off the Hawks keeper towards the back of the net. From our angle it appeared to deflect in off of Jayden's shoulder, but she swears that the ball was already in the goal and that she was trying to knock it out. Regardless, the score was now 2-1, with the Hawks on the wrong side of the winning score.


2022 Spring Recreational Soccer Game #2 - Florida Hawks FC U16 T2 vs. U16 Wimauma


Jayden turning around the ball in the defensive zone.


Jay going after the ball...


...and battling the Wimauma player.


Jay racing down the field with the ball.


Jay on the ground after taking a shot to the stomach from a Wimauma player.


Jay taking the ensuing kick after being knocked to the ground...


...and winding up...


...before launching the ball...


...down the field to her teammates.


Jayden turning after just missing the bouncing ball.


Jay lining up another foul kick...


...before making contact with the ball...


...and sending it ahead to the Hawks forwards.


Jay knocking the ball away from a Wimauma forward.


Jay taking aim at the ball on a goal kick...


...before sending it flying down the field.


Jay battling for position with a Wimauma attacker.


Jay waving for the camera during an injury timeout.


Jay and her teammates forming a wall during a direct kick.


Jayden tweaked her back while trying to get her foot on the ball causing her some discomfort during the second half.


Jay getting her foot on the ball as she turns up field with it.


Jay booted the ball back to her offensive teammates.


Jay going after the loose ball in front of the Hawks goal.


Jay going after the loose ball...


...and trying to settle it down with her body...


...before it bounced further into the air...


Jay going after the ball...


...and getting a foot on it as the Wimauma player closed in on her.


Jay watching the action down the field.


Jayden getting her foot on the ball, knocking it away from her goal.



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