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Saturday, April 23rd, 2022              

Game #3

Florida Hawks FC Field - Lithia 1st Half 2nd Half Final
Florida Hawks FC U16 T2 Quinones 0 1 1
Florida Hawks FC U16 T1 - Thomas 1 0 1


This afternoon's game between Jayden and her Hawks T2 teammates against the Hawks T1 squad was a tale of two halves for both teams.

Neither team was able to muster much on the offensive end during the opening half, with each side only managing two shots on goal. Three of the four shots came prior to the water break, and the lone goal of the first half came late, coming from the opposition, who went into halftime with the 1-0 lead.

The second half saw a lot more offense. Jay and her teammates came out firing on net in the second half, as they took the first four shots before the opposition even saw a single opportunity. Those four shots matched the first half output of both teams! Combined, the two squads put up 6 shots on net before the second water break, though neither side was able to convert. After the break only two shots on net occurred, both from Jay's T2 side, and the first of those shots ended up in the back of the net! That goal tied the game at 1-1, and that would be the score when the final whistle blew. It wasn't a victory, but it was a great effort after trailing at halftime. Great job girls!


2022 Spring Recreational Soccer Game #3 - Florida Hawks FC U16 T2 at Florida Hawks FC U16 T1 - Thomas


Jayden booting the ball out of her defensive zone.


Jay going after the loose ball.


A look at Jay during a break in the action.


Jay lining up a free kick...


...and taking aim at the ball...


...before sending the ball down the field.


Jay stepping up for a free kick...


...and taking aim at the ball...


...before sending it flying.


Jayden took a ball to the midsection that took a moment or two to recover from.


Jay battling for position while getting off a pass.


Jay knocking the ball away from an opposing attacker.


Jay smiling during a break in the action.


Jay getting a foot on the bouncing ball in front of her.


Jay winding up for a goal kick.


Jay challenging an opposing player for the ball...


...before the two girls make foot-to-ankle contact...


...and Jay grimaces in pain...


...before grabbing her ankle.


Jayden and the other girl sharing apologies after the inadvertent kick.



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