Game 4

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Thursday, May 12th, 2022              

Game #4

Florida Hawks FC Field - Lithia 1st Half 2nd Half Final
Florida Hawks FC U16 T2 Quinones 1   0 1
HS Team 1 Spirio    1 1 1 3


I wasn't able to attend Jayden's Florida Hawks game against the Hawks high school level team due to work, but Drew was kind enough to go for me to take score and pictures so that I could share them here. Thank you Drew!

Things got off to a good start for Jay's Hawks team, as they scored the games opening goal on their first shot of the contest. Drew credited Jay with an assist on the play, so that is another positive for her! Unfortunately, they wouldn't be able to add on to their early lead, nor were they able to hold on to it. The high school girls would tie the game up after the water break, after severely outshooting the younger Hawks team. In fact, they would get off 12 shots to the U16 teams 3 in the half.

The second half didn't go in favor of Jayden's Hawks team, as they were once again severely outshot, this time by a 10-1 margin. Adding to those woes, the high school girls were able to score on two of their shots, which provided the final 3-1 outcome, handing the younger girls another loss.


2022 Spring Recreational Soccer Game #4 - Florida Hawks FC U16 T2 vs. HS Team 1 Spirio


Jayden lining up a goal kick...


...and sending the ball flying down the field.


Jay kicking the ball away to change ends of the field.


Jay doing her best to knock the ball away from a HS attacker.


Jay driving down the field with the ball.


Jay lining up a direct kick...


...and sending it towards the goal.


Jay taking another goal kick...


...and watching as the ball flies down the field.


Jayden making a move to escape two opposing players.


Jay watching down the field during a break in the action.


Jay kicking her leg up to knock down a loose ball.


Jay keeping an eye on an opposing Hawks player.


Jay battling to knock the ball away from a high school player.


Jay taking possession of the ball.


Jay dribbling the ball through two opposing players.


Jay turning up the field with the ball.


Jay dribbling up the field...


...and making a pass ahead to a teammate.


Jayden hopping over the opposing players legs...


...while continuing to drive the field.


Jay playing the ball with the outside of her right foot.


Jay looking towards the sideling during a break in the action.


Jay taking yet another goal kick.



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