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Wednesday, May 18th, 2022              

Game #6

Florida Hawks FC Field - Lithia 1st Half 2nd Half Final
Florida Hawks FC U16 T2 Quinones 0 1 0
Florida Hawks FC U16 T1 - Thomas 0 0 0


Tonight's rematch between was a rematch of the game three matchup between the two Florida Hawks U16 teams. Unfortunately I was unable to make it due to work, and with Tara out of town I had to rely on Drew to keep score and take pictures for me. Thankfully he pulled through exceptionally well for me!

I don't have a lot of commentary about the game, aside from the fact that Jayden and her teammates generally controlled the flow of the game and dominated in shots on net. It wasn't until midway through the second half, right before the water break, that the "good" Hawks broke through, grabbing a 1-0 lead. Jay and her side would hold on to claim the victory when the final whistle blew. Way to go girls!


2022 Spring Recreational Soccer Game #6 - Florida Hawks FC U16 T2 vs. Florida Hawks FC U16 T1 - Thomas


Jayden looking at the action taking place down the field.


Jay reaching way back...


...before sending the ball flying on a sideline throw-in.


Jay giving a little "duh" forehead bump.


Jay turning up the field while carrying the ball with her.


Jay playing a bouncing ball...


...and sending it flying high into the air...


...and watching while waiting to see where it will land.


Jay going to play the ball along the sideline.


Jayden observing the opposition's positioning during a break in the play...


...before moving to her position.


Jay challenging an opposing player for the ball.


Jay using her body to settle the ball down in front of her.


Jay waiting for the action to resume.


Jay dribbling the ball up the field.


Jay battling for possession with the opposing Hawks team.


Jay driving with the ball towards the net.


Jay going up to use her body to play the ball once again.


Jay trying to beat the other Hawks team player to the ball...


...before falling a step behind...


...and both girls using their arms to battle for position...


...before Jay gives a bit of a shove.


Jayden walking up the field as the play unfolds in front of her.


Jay running to her position on the field.



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