Game 7

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Thursday, May 19th, 2022              

Game #7

Florida Hawks FC Field - Lithia 1st Half 2nd Half Final
Florida Hawks FC U16 T2 Quinones 1 1 1 3
Team 4 Jacob 0 0 0


Jayden and her Florida Hawks teammates returned to the field for the second of back-to-back games, this time against a younger Hawks team.

Being that Jay's team was facing a younger team, there wasn't much doubt about the outcome of this one. The opposing Hawks team didn't even manage a shot on goal in the first half, while the older girls poured on the attack. They managed two goals in the half, both coming after the water break. The first of their goals came early after the break, while the second came late in the half. They would take their 2-0 lead into the halftime break.

The second half was similar to the first, though the younger girls managed to get at least a couple of scoring opportunities. They were unable to convert on either of them, however, while Jay and her teammates got their third goal of the game on their first shot of the half. That would be their lone goal of the half, despite Jayden doing her best to add to the lead. She had a couple of nice scoring opportunities but just wasn't able to convert. The final score would wind up 3-0 in favor of Jay and her teammates, with little celebration taking place as they dominated a team that they should have.


2022 Spring Recreational Soccer Game #6 - Florida Hawks FC U16 T2 vs. Team 4 Jacob


Jayden waving to the camera at the start of the game.


Jay challenging an opposing player for the ball.


Jay reacting after getting called for a tripping foul.


Jay reaching back for a sideline throw-in...


...and winding up for the throw...


...before launching the ball down the field.


Jay driving with the ball...


...before turning to get around an opposing player.


Jay dribbling up the field with the ball...


...and weaving in between the opposing players...


...and coming out on the other side with the ball.


Jay knocking the ball away from a younger Hawks player.


A close-up of Jayden on the field.


Jay brushing her hair behind her ear.


Jay settling the ball down with her body.


Jay chasing after a bouncing ball.


Jay settling down a bouncing ball...


...before taking control...


...and heading up the field...


...and driving towards the net...


...and winding up for a shot...


...and sending it towards the goal...


...where unfortunately the keeper was able to make the save.



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