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Saturday, May 21st, 2022              

Game #8

Florida Hawks FC Field - Lithia 1st Half 2nd Half Final
Florida Hawks FC U16 T2 Quinones    1 1 1      3
U16 Wimauma 1         1 1 3


Jayden and her Florida Hawks teammates took to the field this morning for the final game of the spring season and, for a year at least, Jay's final rec game for the Hawks, as she is joining their competitive team this fall!

This game looked as though it was going to get away from the Hawks, as the Wimauma girls scored on their first shot of the game to take an early 1-0 lead. Based on the previous games between these two teams, the early goal was not a good sign for the Hawks. Fortunately, today was going to be different, as they came back to answer the early Wimauma goal with a goal of their own on just the second shot of the game, tying the score at 1-1 just moments after falling behind. The two teams would split the scoring changes over the course of the opening half, but it was the Hawks that take advantage of their opportunities, netting a goal on their final shot of the half to take a 2-1 lead.

Jay and her Hawks teammates scored again early in the second half, opening up a two goal lead with a 3-1 score. Unfortunately, things turned in favor of the Wimauma side next, as they would score goals on consecutive shots to retie the score, this time at 3-3. The action slowed considerably after the second half water break, as each team managed only a single shot on goal, and neither side was able to take advantage of their shot. If you told me at the start of the game that it would have ended in a tie, I would have taken it. After grabbing a two goal lead, I was a little disappointed that it ended in a draw.

Although most of the games didn't end in the outcome the Hawks players and fans would have liked, there was progress over the course of the spring, and that is what we were looking for. Great job girls!


2022 Spring Recreational Soccer Game #7 - Florida Hawks FC U16 T2 vs. U16 Wimauma


Jayden sending a goal kick flying down the field.


Jay lining up another goal kick...


...before taking aim at the ball...


...and making contact...


...before sending a low flying liner up the field.


Jay making a big kick to send the ball out of her defensive end.


Jay taking a breather during a break in the action.


Jay lining up another goal kick...


...before putting her foot on the ball...


...and sending the ball down the field.


Jay challenging a Wimauma player for the ball...


...and getting a step on her to knock the ball away.


Jay stepping up on an attacking Wimauma player.


Jay stepping into a penalty kick...


...and booting the ball...


...and sending it flying up the field.


Jay giving her team two thumbs up for their effort so far.


Jay reaching way back for a sideline throw-in.


Jayden battling a speedy Wimauma player for the ball.



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