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Saturday, January 15th, 2022              

Gasparilla Cup Game #2

Monroe Middle School - Tampa 1st Half 2nd Half Final
Florida Hawks FC U16-2 0 0 0
Plant City Tarsa 1 1 1 3


Jayden and her Florida Hawks teammates returned to the field tonight in the Gasparilla Cup tournament, this time at Monroe Middle School in Tampa to take on the Plant City Tarsa team.

The field was definitely tilted towards the Plant City end of the field throughout this one, as they dominated possession throughout the entire first half. Jay started out the game on the bench, but checked in as a forward early in the first half. There was no goals before the first half water break, but it was Plant City who broke through early after the break. A shot on net was blocked by a Hawks defender in front of the goal, but the ball caromed out right to the foot of a Plant City attacker, who was able to bury the shot high and to the right of the Hawks keeper. The only shot on goal for the Hawks in the entire half came off Jayden's foot, as she was able to streak down the side and get a shot off that headed towards the right post. Unfortunately for the Hawks, the Plant City keeper was able to make the save, and the two teams entered halftime with the Hawks down 1-0.

The second half was all Plant City. They outshot the Hawks 8-2, and scored the only two goals of the half to widen their lead even further. The offensive attacks for Plant City weren't bad ones, but it seemed as though the Hawks keeper could have made a better effort to get to the ball than what she did (but that is hard for me to say from the sidelines - just my thought on the appearance of the play). Regardless, the final whistle blew with the Hawks on the wrong end of a 3-0 score. Tomorrow is a new day, Hawks!


Gasparilla Cup Game #2 - Florida Hawks FC U16-2 at Plant City Tarsa


Jayden talking to her teammates on the bench during the early moments of the first half.


Jay keeping an eye on the ball in front of her.


Jay battling with two Plant City players for the ball.


Jay watching the action across the field.


Jay going hard after the ball.


Jay battling for the ball...


...and being knocked to the ground in the process.


Jay looking for a pass from her teammates.


Jay kicking the ball...


...and sending it across to her teammates.


Jayden stepping up to challenge for the ball...


...and knocking it away from the Plant City player.


Jay in position and keeping an eye on the ball on defense.


Jay lining up a goal kick...


...and taking aim at the ball...


...before sending it flying down the field...


...and watching it on her follow through.


Jay taking another goal kick...


...and booting the ball...


...and sending it flying down the field.


Jayden watching the action at the other end of the field.


Jay dribbling the ball up the field...


...and getting off a pass...


...before being knocked off stride by the Plant City player.



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