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Saturday, April 2nd, 2022            


The Chalk Festival is usually held in the fall, but our attempt to go last year were dashed when we arrived to the Venice Airport Festival Grounds only to find that the event had been cancelled/postponed until spring. Thankfully Tara caught wind of the new dates, and we were able to squeeze in a visit today.

Tara and Jayden picked me up after work and we headed down to the 2022 Chalk Festival in Venice. Although the weather was threatening, we were able to take in the entire show before without any issue, and man was there a lot of amazing artwork here... these artists are certainly talented! Enjoy our pictures!


2022 Chalk Festival


Tara making her way through the parking lot to the festival grounds.


A 3-D view of some sunflowers.


A fox covered by glass.


Tara on a plank over a tiger...


A drawing of Christ the Redeemer in Rio, Brazil.


A sea turtle drawing on a wall...


...that of course Tara had to pose with!


A little girl approaching some birds.


Various animals in and above the water.


A portrait of a lady with bees.


Another portrait drawing.


A Ukranian flag in honor of one of the artists.


Two praying gentlemen.


Three people with butterflies.


A teary lady with a sunflower.


A geometric hummingbird.


A tiger covered by leaves.


A growling bear.


Frankenstein and a pacifier tank.


Dandelions growing from the cracks.


A drawing of various craft projects.


The infinity symbol falling into the abyss.


Stretch Armstrong, building blocks, a green army guy, and Slinky dog.


Tara pulling on Stretch Armstrong's arm.


Jayden taking her turn pulling on Stretch Armstrong's arm.


An ethnic woman.


A cracked bust.


Another sea turtle drawing.


A samurai warrior.


A plant growing from the crack as seen through a magnifying glass...


...that also had this little lizard crawling out of a hole.


A pastel colored woman.


A inflatable punching clown.


An interesting three-eyed gentleman.


An octopus.



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