Clearwater Beach Sunset

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Saturday, December 3rd, 2022            

Jayden wanted to take a bunch of her friends to the beach for her 16th birthday. We had planned on going to Anna Maria Island, Lido Beach, or even Siesta Key, but red tide out those plans on hold. Clearwater Beach was clear of red tide, so we headed there for the day. We stayed through the sunset, and here are a few of my favorite pictures...

Clearwater Beach Sunset


The sunset with the pier to the left.


A sailboat crossing the horizon.


A couple more sunset shots with the pier...




A look at the gulls on the shore...


...that attacked our closed bag of chips and poked them open!


A bird flying through my photo of Jayden and her friends enjoying the sunset.


A few of my favorite sunset shots...














...and a shot of the moon as well!


Back to the sunset...





















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