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Drew and Jayden flew to Michigan on June 28th to see some of the friends that they have kept in touch with since we relocated to Florida, and I drove up to join them at Tara and Tyler's apartment on July 5th. Aside from one day (July 8th), we didn't do a ton of sightseeing. We did drive through both Fenton and Holly, and had some Uncle Ray's ice cream and Fenton House breadsticks for dinner one night, and we went to the Cruise to Battle Alley on Wednesday night to check out the fire damage to Battle Alley. I didn't take many pictures on our trip, but here are some of the few that I did take...
  • June 28th - Click here for pictures from Tampa International Airport as Drew and Jayden prepare for liftoff!
  • July 6th - Follow this link for pictures from the Cruise to Battle Alley as well as the Holly Arcade fire in Battle Alley.
  • July 8th - Go here to see pictures from our various stops as we toured Michigan's Thumb area.


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