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Saturday, April 16th, 2023              

Development Player League Game #16

Bomberos Field Park, Orlando 1st Half 2nd Half Final
Florida Hawks FC 0 0 0
Orlando City Soccer School - Lake Nona 0 1 1 2


Jayden and 10 of her remaining teammates made the drive to Orlando this morning to take on the Orlando City Soccer School in what would turn out to be their final game of the season. There really isn't much to report on about this contest, as the two teams would battle to a scoreless first half. The Hawks would struggle to generate much offense, as would be expected seeing as they were so shorthanded to start the game, while the Orlando City squad would control the ball for the majority of the half. They would outshoot the Hawks by an eight to two margin.

The second half appeared to be heading in the same direction, as both sides remained scoreless going into the first water break. Once again the Orlando City team would outshoot the Hawks, but strong goalkeeping would keep them in the game. Unfortunately the time following the final water break saw some extremely questionable calls go the way of the Orlando team, and as a result of those calls they were rewarded with two penalty kicks. As one would expect, they converted on both. That would be it for scoring - those two questionable goals resulted in a 2-0 loss for the Hawks, though I can comfortably say that in my mind this was a 0-0 game until the end.

Just like that, the season is over, and it appears that Jayden has decided that her time with the Florida Hawks FC will be coming to an end as well. Here's to better things in the fall, potentially with a new team!


Development Player League Game #16 - Florida Hawks FC at Orlando City Soccer School - Lake Nona


Jayden and her Florida Hawks teammates were visited by...


...a pair of Sandhill Cranes on the field prior to the start of the game today.


Jayden tracking the ball as she moved across the field.


Jay keeping an eye on the action as her team pushed into their offensive zone.


Jay putting her foot on the ball and sending it ahead to a teammate.


Jay getting a breather during a break in the action.


Jay challenging an Orlando City player for the ball...


...before they collided together.


Jay chasing down an attacking Orlando City player.


Jayden walking down the field while keeping an eye on the ball.


Jay quickly moving toward the ball as it nears the goal.


Jay walking down the field as play changes ends of the field.


Jay booting the ball down the field.


Jay lining up a kick...


...and making contact with the ball...


...and sending it towards her teammates.


Jay wiping the sweat from her face on this hot, muggy morning.


Jay battling for the ball...


...against a falling Orlando City player.


Jayden walking down the field during a stoppage in play.


Jay going after the ball...


...and making contact...


...before sending the ball flying down the field.


Jay battling for a bouncing ball.


Jay waving to her dad on the sideline.


Jay going up for the ball while trying to hold off an Orlando City player...


...and using her body to play the ball.


Jay battling against and Orlando City player for the ball.


Jayden (front row, right side) and her remaining Florida Hawks teammates posing for a photo after this morning's game.



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