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Saturday, January 21st, 2023              

Florida Cup League Game #2

Losco Regional Park - Jacksonville 1st Half 2nd Half Final
Florida Hawks FC 1 1 1 1 4
Florida Elite Soccer Academy 0 0 0


Jayden and (most of) her Florida Hawks teammates made the drive to Jacksonville this morning to take on the Florida Elite Soccer Academy at the Losco Regional Park.

Jayden found herself in the starting lineup for this afternoons game, which was a surprise to her, despite the team being shorthanded today. Regardless, she handled herself well on the field. In fact, the Florida Elite squad didn't manage a single shot on goal during the opening half. In fact, there was only two shots on goal during the entire half, and it was the Florida Hawks who converted on the second of those shots, coming after a corner kick that was deflected into the Florida Elite goal from in close. The two teams would head to halftime with the Hawks up 1-0.

The Florida Elite team managed the first shot on goal in the second half, but it was almost all Hawks after that. They would score on their first shot of the half, on a long shot that went from the right side of the field to the left side of the goal, going in off of the diving goalkeepers hands, making it a 2-0 game. They would score on their next shot on goal as well, this one was headed in after a corner kick that made the score 3-0. It would take a while before the next goal, but it was once again the Hawks getting on the scoreboard, as the Florida Elite goalkeeper kicked the ball out from her end, but instead of the play she wanted the ball deflected off of one of her defensemen right to a Hawks player who managed to kick the ball in for the fourth goal of the game. That would be it for scoring this game, as the 4-0 victory would move the Hawks to 1-1 in the Florida Cup Tournament.


Florida Cup League Game #2 - Florida Hawks FC at Florida Elite Soccer Academy


Jayden looking down the field as her teammates possess the ball on offense.


Jay challenging for the ball...


...against a Florida Elite player...


...before they collide together.


Jay watching the play down the field.


Jay dribbling the ball up the field.


Jay noticing Rod and Tara on the sideline...


...and giving them...


...a thumbs up during a break in the game!


Jay looking across the field during play.


Jayden turning up the field with the ball.



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