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Tuesday, January 10th, 2023              

Game #12

East Bay High School - Gibsonton 1st Half Final
Riverview Lady Sharks 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 10
East Bay Indians 0 0

Half Length



Jayden and her Riverview Lady Sharks travelled to East Bay High School tonight to take on the Indians in their senior night game. Jayden got the start on defense tonight, with the team knowing that they should be able to control the action in this contest. Control the action they did, as they gave up just a single shot on goal over the course of the games first half. The Lady Sharks would also dominate on the scoreboard, scoring early and often. It took just six minutes for them to score their first goal of the game, and they would continue to score, almost at will. Jay assisted on the second goal of the game for Riverview, making a nice pay to the box where the ball was kicked in for a 2-0 lead. Jay would take the sideline throw-in that was then kicked in for the fifth Riverview goal of the game. The Lady Sharks would also make good on two penalty kick opportunities over the course of the game as well, contributing to their big scoring night. By the time the first half ended, the Lady Sharks had scored a total of ten goals, eliminating the need to start the second half. Way to go Riverview!

Game #12 - Riverview Lady Sharks at East Bay Indians


Jayden and her teammates lined up during pregame introductions.


Jay and her teammates on the field waiting for the game to get underway.


Jay moving into position to take a pass from a teammate...


...before turning up field with the ball...


...and then spotting an open teammate up ahead...


...and sending the pass to her.


Jay challenging for the ball in her offensive half.


Jay reaching back for a sideline throw-in...


...and winding up for the throw...


...before sending the ball down the field.


Jayden lining up a kick...


...and taking aim at the ball...


...before making contact...


...and then sending the ball down the field.


Jay battling an Indians player for the ball.


Jay lining up another sideline throw-in...


...and then launching the ball to a teammate.


Jay stepping up to fight for the ball.


Jayden getting knocked down onto the field...


...and landing hard...


...before slowly getting up and staying in the game.


Jay looking at the action down the field.


Jay dribbling the ball up the field.


Jay using her body to help settle the ball.


Jay playing a bouncing ball with her left foot.


Jay and her teammates forming a wall for a direct kick by an East Bay player...


...and helping to force the kick wide.


Jayden telling her teammates to keep clear, she's got this one!


Jay lining up a pass...


...and then sending the ball to an open teammate.


Jay taking another sideline throw-in.


Jay reaching way back... launch another sideline-throw in down the field.


Jay settling the ball down while looking to make a play.



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