Alafia River State Park

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Sunday, May 14th, 2023            

Jayden & I headed off to the nearby Alafia River State Park - to explore their North Trail system. While there was some pretty sights, there was also some very dull areas as well. At least the trail was clearly defined.

We've already got our eyes on a couple other places to try to explore over the coming months!


Alafia River State Park - North Trails


A look at a lake located near the parking lot.


These interesting things were popping up out of the ground near the water.


One of several spicebush swallowtail butterflies that we spotted along our walk.


Some of the scenery from our walk...


...including this lone cactus.


What I believe to be an osprey nest in the power lines that we walked near.


Jayden standing on a pile of seashells...


A couple more looks at the osprey nest...

  well as one flying nearby.


A different view of the lake that we started out near.


A look at the moss hanging from the trees...


Jay spotted this red velvet ant on our walk as well. It is apparently actually a wasp, and the females are wingless, meaning we found a female walking along our trail.



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