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Saturday, January 21st, 2023            

Jayden's Florida Hawks club soccer team had a game in Jacksonville this afternoon, which afforded us an opportunity to stop at two Buc-ee's on Florida's east coast. We stopped at the Daytona Beach location on our way to the game to utilize its many restrooms, though we ended up missing the exit for the St Augustine location on our way home, so we missed that one. We needed to gas up on the way back, and Buc-ee's and Sam's Club tied for our cheapest options, so we headed back to Buc-ee's once again in Daytona Beach. Below are a couple of random pictures from our second stop of the day...

Buc-ee's Daytona Beach


Although the car isn't close to being my favorite, I do love the LED signage in the back window!


Jayden and her friend and teammate...


...GiGi posing for a photo with the Buc-ee mascot!



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