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Sunday, January 1st, 2023              

Tara, Jayden, and I (Drew had to go home earlier last night because he worked in the morning) walked out to the beach at Suntide Island Beach Club to ring in the New Year on Lido Key. We decided to take the opportunity to have some fun taking photos in the dark before heading back inside for the night. Happy New Year everyone!

New Year's Celebration


A look back towards the condo at just after midnight. Happy New Year's!


Rodney taking a selfie on the beach.


Jayden posing for a picture.


A couple more selfies by Rodney...


...and a couple by Tara...


Two more selfies by Rodney...


Rod and Jay posing for a picture.


Tara joining Rod and Jay.


Later in the day we spent some time hanging out on the beach relaxing in the warm sun!

Relaxing Afternoon on the Beach


Happy 2023!


A look at the beach on New Year's Day in the afternoon...


A look out at the Gulf of Mexico.


A couple of gents taking a nap on the beach.


Tara dipping her toes into the cold Gulf of Mexico waters...


Tara and I decided to take a stroll down the beach in the afternoon to enjoy the warm air and feel the sand beneath our toes. I had a great time spending the first day of the new year with the one I love!

Beach Walk


A look to the south on the beach with the fog rolling in.


Tara walking along the beach.


A look to the north on the beach.


Rodney taking a picture of a wave slowly rolling in.


Another look along the beach...


...along with a Google stylized version of the above.


A couple more look to the south...


Danger, Rock Groins? Rock Danger Groins? Either way, the sign didn't survive!


The view to the south as the fog lifts there...


...but seems to settle in to the north.



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