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On May 1st, Tyler participated in his first organized sporting event, AYSO soccer. Although they didn't play a game on the first day, he truly enjoyed himself. The weather was a little chilly today, but we got through it OK.

Tyler at Soccer - May 1st

Here is Tyler listening to directions from the coaches. Tyler and a teammate are lining up to do some drills.
Tyler is running with a coach. Here Tyler is practicing dribbling a soccer ball while running.
Tyler is grabbing the flag out of a coaches pocket in this game. Tyler was very excited when he got the flag.

Week two of practice pretty much was the same as the first week. The kids did a few exercises to warm up, followed by a few drills to help them learn some soccer basics. As you can tell by looking at Tyler's clothes, is was pretty cold during practice, somewhere near 50. Today's session was ended by a downpour that was accompanied by thunder... which of course gave way to sunshine and 70 weather an hour after we left!

Tyler at Soccer - May 8th

Tyler (bundled up in the middle) is listening to directions from the coaches. Tyler is trying to maintain his balance while trapping the ball beneath his foot.
Tyler finally got his balance. Here Tyler is trapping the ball while going the other way.
Tyler waiting his turn to do a drill. Samantha watching her brother practice.

Week three of practice was another cold one. At least no rain this time. The kids got to practice some drills today, including stopping some shots, kicking goals, dribbling around cones and through some hoops.

Tyler at Soccer - May 15th

Team photo - Tyler is on the right. Another team photo.
Tyler playing goal during a drill. Tyler kicking the ball around the cones.
Tyler still kicking the ball around the cones. Tyler getting ready to start a new drill with his coach.
Here the kids are kicking the balls through the hoops. Tyler's ball going through the hoop.
Tyler listening to his coach. The kids kicking the ball into the goal behind their coach.
Still kicking goals. Tyler and a teammate talking to their coach.
Tyler sitting on the ball, what the coaches call a "butt-trap".

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