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    Well, it is that time of year again. Once Spring hits, so does the kids busy sports season. The soccer season officially got underway on Saturday, April 21st, with Tyler's game. Samantha got her season started on Sunday the 22nd. A lot of their games occur at the same time, but we will do our best to have one of us at each game with a camera.

    Just a reminder, Tyler is number 13 on the field. For his first game, his team wore blue - which signifies the home team. They won this game, but I don't remember the score.

Tyler - April 21st

Tyler playing goal - another game with zero shots given up. Tyler waiting for the action to restart.
Tyler returning to his spot on the field after a goal. Tyler chasing down the ball during the game.

    Our nephew Donovan had the first game on Sunday the 22nd. His team also wore blue.

Donovan - April 22nd

Donovan smiling during a break in the game. Donovan running to the ball.

    Samantha had her first game after Donovan's was finished. Samantha wears number 1, and she also wore blue for her first game.

Samantha - April 22nd

Samantha throwing the ball in from the sideline. Samantha walking back to her side of the field after a goal.
Samantha taking her turn in goal. Samantha watching the action unfold.

    Tyler also had a game on Sunday, at the same time as Sam's. Today was a road game, so his team wore red.

Tyler - April 22nd

Tyler running towards the ball. Tyler running to catch up to the play.

    Samantha had the first game this Saturday. It was a little cool today, but overall we had no weather complaints. Today was a road game, so Sam's team was in red.

Samantha - April 28th

Samantha preparing for action. Sam performing a goalie kick.
Sam (in black pants) running towards the ball. Sam scoring her first goal of the season.
Sam kicking the ball. A saying on the back of a coaches shirt.

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