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    Merry Christmas! Here you will be able to go to the pages for all of the Christmas events that we participated in this year. Enjoy!

  • Tinkerbell's Gift - Click here to see a couple of pictures of Tinkerbell's Christmas present for this year.
  • Christmas at Home - Santa came early to our house this year! Go here to see what the fuss was all about on December 11th.
  • Gifts at Home - Follow this link for a few photos of the kids playing with their presents the day after "Christmas."
  • Allen Family Christmas - Go here to see pictures of our family Christmas celebration on December 12th.
  • Christmas in Florida - Not only did Santa come early to our house this year, he also visited while we were in Florida on Christmas day!
  • Dwayne & Erica - Click here to the pictures of our Christmas gathering with Dwayne & Erica's family on January 17th.


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