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    Drew is playing his first season of T-ball this year. He really seems to be enjoying himself, and learning a lot at the same time. He will be playing for the Ramsey Built Construction team, their colors are blue and yellow, and Drew will be wearing the number 4 this season. It seems as though Drew's coaches do not keep score, so I will do my best to post results when I can get them. Remember, check back often for results and pictures!



Time Field
  05-01-10 (1) vs. Mark Carney State Farm 1:15pm E
Rained Out 05-03-10 at Sulfaro D.D.S. 6:30pm E
  05-10-10 (2) at M.J. Clark 6:30pm E
  05-12-10 (3) at Tillier Plumbing 6:30pm F
  05-17-10 (4) vs. Sulfaro D.D.S. 6:30pm F
No Pictures 05-24-10 (5) at Mark Carney State Farm 6:30pm F
Missed Game 05-26-10 (6) vs. M.J. Clark 6:30pm F
  06-02-10 (7) vs. Tillier Plumbing 6:30pm E
  06-07-10 (8) at Sulfaro D.D.S. 6:30pm E
  06-14-10 (9) at Mark Carney State Farm 6:30pm E
  06-16-10 (10) vs. M.J. Clark 6:30pm E
  06-21-10 (11) vs. Tillier Plumbing 6:30pm E
  06-23-10 (12) at Sulfaro D.D.S. 6:30pm E
  • Practice - Click here for the first pictures of Drew's baseball practice.

  • League Pictures - Follow this link to see Drew's official league pictures.


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