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    We were kind of concerned that we were going to have a difficult time fitting in dying the Easter eggs this year, but once Samantha's soccer game got cancelled on Saturday morning due to flooded fields we decided that we had been granted the perfect opportunity to accomplish our task before baseball practices got underway later on. Tara got all of the egg dye ready and did the supervising while the kids went about coloring the eggs. I managed to shrink wrap a couple of eggs for the kids as well, despite how much I hate that stuff (it makes the eggs impossible to peel!). The kids enjoyed themselves, although I don't think a dozen eggs each would even be enough for them (they each got 8 to dye, which is more than enough to eat for a while)!

Egg Dying Time

Tara helping and watching over the mess as Tyler, Samantha, Drew, and Jayden work on dying their eggs.

Tyler, Sam, Drew, Jay, and Tara posing for a picture during the egg dying process.

    Here are the Easter baskets, undisturbed before the kids had a chance to get their hands on them...

Easter Baskets

All four of the kids baskets set out on the table, in addition to Reester Bunny's for Rodney and Tara.

Drew's basket, with his new pair of shoes in addition to a new Blu-Ray combo pack edition of his favorite movie, Cars.

Jayden's basket, complete with a new pair of Twinkle Toes shoes and a copy of her favorite movie, Tangled (even though she hasn't seen it yet...).

Tyler's basket contained a new pair of Reebok Zigs and a Blu-Ray combo pack of The Incredibles.

Samantha's basket had a new pair of Puma shoes in addition to the very cute movie Despicable Me.

    This morning was almost the Easter that wasn't... I woke up in the middle of the night (sometime around 5:00am) to realize that there was lights on in the basement. Lights that I was positive weren't on when I went to bed the night before. I got up to check things out, and I realized that neither of the girls were in their beds. I got Tara up and we headed downstairs to find Tyler, Samantha, and Jayden sitting on the couch watching TV. I had assumed that they were there for about an hour, as I recalled someone using the restroom around 4:00am, but Tyler informed me that the girls woke him up at 2:00am! I am not 100% certain that he had the time right, but I do know that Tara & I were not pleased with this situation. We sent them to bed for the night with a promise that severe punishment would be coming, and that they were not allowed out of their beds until one of us came and got them (bathroom breaks being the exception). We decided to allow them to have Easter day as a "freebie," with the punishment coming later on. They were able to enjoy their baskets as well as the Easter egg hunt at Jerry & Gail's house later on without worrying about what was coming their way. Tara & I were able to enjoy our day as well, without worrying if they were breaking any of the rules yet. Enjoy the pictures!

Easter Morning at Home

Tyler, Samantha, Drew, and Jayden with their Easter baskets. (Sorry for the dark photo...)

Another shot of Tyler, Sam, Drew, and Jay with their baskets. (Another bad photo, this one being blurry)

A close up of Samantha (showing off her sunglasses) and Jayden (digging for the candy at the bottom of her basket).

A close up of Tyler (thrilled to have his picture taken) and Drew (enjoying his candy).

One last look of the kids and their baskets on Easter morning.

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