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    Bright and early on the morning of Saturday, January 14th, we woke up to get ready to make the drive to Detroit for our annual visit to the North America International Auto Show at Cobo Hall. This year all six of us made the trip, in addition to Tyler's friend Ryan. We left the house around 7:45am before stopping at the Holly Donut Shop to pick up some breakfast. From there it was off to I-75 to make the drive south. We arrived in downtown Detroit  right around 8:45am, and with the entrance to the parking garage under Cobo closed due to construction, we made our way to the roof to park for the day. We managed to find a spot to park near an entrance, which allowed us to leave our coats in the car (no lugging them around for hours inside the show!).

    Once we made our way inside of the building, we made a B-line for the restrooms. After making that all-important pit-stop we strolled through the displays set up in the lobby and to take a picture of Tyler with the Joe Louis statue, at his request. After that, it was inside the show we went to enjoy the many displays of cars...

North American International Auto Show

Tyler with the statue of the Brown Bomber, Joe Louis.

Jayden posing with a, uh, decorative Smart car.

Samantha posing in front of "green screen" at the Acura display, where a picture of a NSX would later be added. You can see the end result here.

Drew taking his turn in front of the "green screen." You can see Drew's pictures here.

Jay also stood in front of the "green screen" for her picture. Jayden's pictures can be seen here.

At another Acura display Drew got to stand for a picture with a real NSX concept car. You can see the official photo here.

Sam also took a picture with the Acura NSX. The official photo can be seen here.

Jay was the last of the kids to get her picture taken with the NSX. You can see the official photo here.

Drew standing with the Acura ILX concept car, which looks awful close to a production car.

Drew sitting in the drivers seat of another car at the Acura display.

Jay standing in the center of a Ford display.

Drew standing in front of what was his favorite car of the show, a green Mustang Boss 302.

Drew in the passenger seat of the Boss Mustang.

Jayden taking her turn in the Mustang.

Drew, Sam, Jay, and Ryan spinning around in some modern looking chairs at the Ford display.

Sam, Tyler, and Jay doing some more spinning in the "C" shaped chairs.

Jayden and Drew sitting in an extended cab Ford pickup.

Drew checking out the inside of a sideways Mustang.

Drew checking out a convertible Mustang.

Drew and Jay sitting in the back of a Ford Flex with the seats in the tailgate position.

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