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    Welcome to the home page for our camping trip to the Deckerville area for the annual Deckerville Homecoming festivities. Once again this has turned out to be our first camping trip of the year, although we had desired to be out earlier in the year. After the van quit on us, it was time to purchase a new vehicle, leaving funds limited for a while. We needed a chance to relax, however, and this was the weekend we decided to do so. We headed up north on August 2nd for a two night stay with a family reunion to finish things off. Follow the links below to read my journal and for links to a few of my pictures.

  • Journal - Click here to read about our weekend trip to Lake Huron Campground.
  • August 2nd - Following this link will let you see some pictures from our drive up, as well as a beautiful sunset at the campground.
  • August 3rd - This link will take you to the pictures from the Deckerville Homecoming parade and some miscellaneous campground shots.


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