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October 13th, 2013              

    After the final tournament game of the weekend, Drew and I returned to the hotel to clean up (ourselves) and pack up (our stuff) before checking out. We loaded up everything in to the car to begin the long trek home, but before we did I wanted to make one last stop - at the Holland Harbor Light, otherwise known as "Big Red", near the Holland State Park. I had planned on doing this yesterday in the evening (I had even looked up the sunset time and everything), but the rain ruined my plans, so we were left with today as our last chance. Thank goodness we did stop here before going home, however, as the cool air coming off the lake reminded Drew that I had left our shirts hanging in the closet in our room! Oops... at least we weren't home before that thought crossed our minds. Needless to say, the trip to the lighthouse was good for more than just my photographic interests today. Thanks for the reminder, Drew!

Holland State Park

On our way to the lighthouse, we came across these sailboats on Lake Macatawa, which is right across from the Lake Macatawa campground section of the Holland State Park.

There were two different sailboat types racing on the water today.

Here is a closer look at some of the sailboats on Lake Macatawa (and the gorgeous homes behind them!).

Another shot of sailboats (and houses).

Look at this monster home!

Our first peak at the Holland Harbor Lighthouse, otherwise known as "Big Red".

Another look at the lighthouse.

A look at the beach at Holland State Park.

The Historic Marker describing the Holland Harbor Lighthouse.

Another view of the lighthouse.

Another beach photo, looking north.

This is the view to the south of the Lighthouse.

Seagulls flying near land as sailboat passes in the distance.

The Historic Marker describing Holland Harbor.

A house/mansion (?) being built near the lighthouse.


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