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October 11th, 2013              

    Since Drew and I headed straight to the hockey rink upon arriving in Holland, we had yet to check in to our hotel. That became our first order of business once the game was complete - that and getting Drew in the shower! The pictures below are from our room on check-in day.

Holiday Inn Express - Room

A look from the hallway door into the room, with the bathroom and closet on the right and the living area towards the back.

In the room were two queen beds, a dresser with a flat screen TV, a work desk, and a chair.

Here is a look at the TV and desk area.

    After getting situated in our room, Drew decided that we should head downstairs to check out the swimming pool. Here area  few photos from our afternoon swim...

Holiday Inn Express - Pool (Afternoon)

Drew walking from the hot tub to the pool.

Drew running around the pool area.

Drew leaning back into the pool...

...and falling in...

...and making a big splash!

Drew talking to one of his teammates and his brother while at the pool.

Drew getting a short running start...

...while jumping in to the pool...

...for another big splash.

    After enjoying some dinner (Pizza Hut), Drew wanted to head back down to the pool. The lighting wasn't the best, so I didn't take many photos, but here are a couple for you to enjoy...

Holiday Inn Express - Pool (Night)

Drew leaning over the edge...

...and splashing down into the pool.

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