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July 21st, 2013              

    The American teacher who was our contact for the student exchange program thought that it would be a good idea to attempt to get as many of the students and their host families as possible together for an activity during the students time in America. It was decided that Kensington Metropark was a fairly central location, and that Sunday, July 21st, was the date that worked best. It was going to be a pot-luck picnic, with each family bringing a dish to pass. Thankfully one of the families supplied hot-dogs, or else I may not have had anything to eat!

    Once we arrived at the park we found the other families and settled in. There was some game playing going on before dinner, such as a volleyball-type game, and some of the kids kicked around a soccer ball or two. Carlos seemed to enjoy being back with some of his friends and speaking Spanish with them. Although we can pick up the occasional word here and there, it is nowhere near enough to converse with any of these students. Tyler and Drew did their best to do some fishing, but were unable to catch anything. After we ate the kids moved over to the beach for a swim. Carlos and three of his friends headed off on their own, while I went to keep an eye on Drew and Jayden. Tara and Samantha stayed back at the picnic area, making plans with another host family to get together and spend some time on their boat (their student, Pablo, plays basketball with Carlos in Spain).

    After the kids had spent an hour or so in the water, some of the families decided that it was getting late and time to head out. We decided to do the same. All of the kids had a good time at the park, not just the exchange students. Since I had never been to this park before, I was excited to get the opportunity to do some exploring. Unfortunately that didn't happen today, but I am sure that we will make the time to go back someday soon!

Exchange Student Picnic - Kensington Metropark

A view of Kent Lake, as seen from our vantage point at Martinsdale Beach inside Kensington Metropark.

Another look across Kent Lake.

Jayden sitting on a swing shortly after our arrival.

Samantha, Tara, and Carlos all joined in on this volleyball game (the object was to keep the ball off the ground and inside the circle, since there was no net available).

Sam lunging for the ball inside the circle.

Sam pointing at someone during the game.

Tara and Sam watching as one of the exchange students hits the ball.

Carlos watching the action take place across the circle from him.

Drew managed to catch the shot of Sam during a break in the action.

Tara looking on as Sam is prepared to hit the ball.

Jayden enjoyed a push on the swing from Tara.

Tara giving Jay a big push.

Rodney doing his best to go higher than Jay on the swings.

Drew swimming out in the water.

Jay enjoying the water.

Drew falling onto his back while Jay dives onto her stomach.

There were a few small boats on the lake this afternoon, including this sailboat.

A swan paddleboat.

Jay swimming once again.

Drew and Jay talking about what to do next.

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