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July 21st, 2013              

    Here are some more of the pictures from the picnic...

Exchange Student Picnic - Kensington Metropark

Drew helping Jayden in the deep water (well, deep enough that she couldn't touch, anyway).

Drew keeping an eye on Jay as she swims towards shore.

Drew coming up out of the water.

Jay falling forward into the water.

Drew waving from the deeper part of the lake (deep for him).

A look at the people enjoying the beautiful beach weather in Kent Lake inside Kensington Metropark.

Carlos having fun playing in the water.

Drew and Jay made their way out to Carlos and his friends.

The fun police! Lookout! Samantha, Tyler, and Tara making their way towards the beach.

Tara giving the "thumbs-up" signal to Drew or Jay as Sam looks on.

Tyler and Jay in the water.

Tyler looking on as Carlos swims away.

Drew in the deep water once again.


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