Samantha's 12th Birthday

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June 2nd, 2013              

    Since I will be at work and Samantha has a baseball game on the day of her actual birthday, we decided to hold her birthday a little early this year. Tara made the cake, and Sam and Grandma Terry decorated it. Sam was joined by some of her favorite family members - although she was disappointed that she couldn't have friends over too... that may be coming in a few weeks when things settle down a bit sports-wise. She received money from almost everyone who attended, except for a bunch of mustache stuff that she was ecstatic about from Uncle Dwayne, Aunt Erica, Donovan, and Marissa. She had already received her gift from Tara, Tyler, Drew, Jay, and I - a Maroon 5 concert back in February! She was quite pleased with all of her gifts, and she already has a camera picked out to buy with her money! She would also like to thank everyone who was able to spend the day with her!

Samantha's 12th Birthday Party

The Mr. Mustache cake that Samantha and Grandma Terry decorated.

Sam reading a card.

Sam getting ready to open her only present of the day...

...and was she ever excited to see mustache magnets that she can use in her locker next year!

She was also pumped about the mustache socks...

...and her new mustache sunglasses!

Sam sporting her new shades and 'stache.

Sam hanging on to the money that Grandpa Gary and Grandma Terry gave her.

Tyler even got in on the act, handing Sam a dollar right out of his pocket! What a loving big brother!

Sam posing for a picture with her birthday cake. Remember, 6+6=12... that isn't a 66!

Sam blowing out her candles.


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