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September 28th, 2013              

    After an earlier than desired for morning, we arrived at Splash Universe right at 10:00am. We met Jerry & Gail inside, where they gave us our wristbands for the day. Jerry had already enjoyed a dip in the hot tub, so we headed right to the changing rooms to put on our suits as well. The kids quickly tried everything, including the slides, floating discs, and the lazy river.

Splash Universe

A look at the "older-kid" side of the water park. This was where the tube slides and lazy river were located.

A look at the "younger-kid" side of the water park. This side had smaller slides, a play area with the dumping water bucket, and an 8" deep pool area for the really little ones.

Samantha going across the floating discs.

Tara, Tyler, and Sam helping Jayden make her way onto the discs.

Gail and Tara talking to Jay in the lazy river.

Jay floating in the her tube in the lazy river.

Drew standing under the bucket as it dumped water on him.

    Our time at Splash Universe was interrupted when Tyler discovered what he thought to be gum in the pool, only to find out that it wasn't gum - it was poop. We quickly exited the pool at that point! The workers closed down the pools on the "older-kid" side to clean it out and put chemicals in it. They said they'd be down at least 30 minutes, so we decided to head next door to Cabela's for a bit. We spent about an hour in the store, enjoying the animal displays and doing a bit of shopping as well (both Tara and Jayden found shoes on clearance). And, of course, what trip to Cabela's would be complete without a picture with the giant fighting bear statue outside?


Jayden, Samantha, Drew, Tyler, and Skyler sitting under the fighting bear statue outside of Cabela's.

Jay, Sam, Drew, and Tyler sitting under the statue.

Another picture of the four kids and the statue, this time a little bit closer up.

One last picture of Jay, Sam, Drew, and Tyler.

Jay, Sam, Skyler, and Drew looking at one of the animal displays inside Cabela's.

One of the animal displays.

Another animal display...

...and one more.

Drew and Sam in front of another animal display.

A display showing two moose fighting.

This display shows an arctic scene.

Drew pointing out the buffalo in this scene.

A shot of a weird set of antlers...

...and another strange set.

A strange looking turtle swimming in the aquarium.

Two more turtles swimming in the aquarium.

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