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September 28th, 2013              

    Here are some more pictures that I took from the balcony...

Splash Universe

Gail and Drew waiting in line for the slides.

Gil standing by as Lilly and Jayden prepare for the water from the bucket dump.

Gail and Drew coming out of the tube from one of the slides.

Jay laughing as she stands up after the water had dumped all around her.

Tara still floating along the lazy river with a sleeping baby Olivia.

Lilly spinning one of the water toys in the play area.

Jayden taking her turn spinning the wheel...

...before running out in the sprinkling water.

A closer look as Jay returned to spin the water wheel.

Samantha and Veronica in the pool.

Drew coming out of one of the slides.

Drew smiling as he gets out of his tube.

Another look as the bucket dumps water all over the play area.

Jayden wasn't too thrilled to have her picture taken...

...but I followed her for a while just snapping photos...

...until she finally got away by heading into the pool.

Olivia woke up and found comfort in her Daddy's arms.


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