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    Here are some more pictures from our time at Sportsfest...

97.1 The Ticket Sportsfest

Jayden coming over the first hill for a second time.

Jay decided to jump down instead of sliding this time!

Here is Jay at the bottom of the rock climb.

Jay nearing the top of the rock climbing area.

Samantha's friend Mariah gave it a shot as well. She leapt over the first hill without an trouble.

Here is Mariah scaling the rock climbing portion of the obstacle course.

Sam took a turn as well, and laughed most of the way across.

Like her little sister, Sam jumped off of the first hill.

Here is Sam mid-leap.

Sam going up the climbing portion of the course.

Sam nearing the top of the rock wall.

Drew was the last one to go, and here he is on the final slide.

Drew touching the finish line.

The Detroit Lions had a mock locker room set up for us to see.

Drew standing with Roary the Lion for a picture.

Drew posing as a Detroit Red Wings goaltender.

Tyler going for a skate on the synthetic ice.

Tyler and Drew skating around the rink.

Another shot of the boys - Tyler was doing his best to encourage Drew, but he found the skating to be way tougher than on actual ice. Tyler felt just the opposite!

Tyler flying around the rink.

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