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    We caught a break once again and had a day with only one other activity already attached to it. Drew had hockey games this morning, but the playoff basketball game that I was expecting for Samantha was delayed a week until next weekend. That gave us the entire afternoon to spend at the fourth annual 97.1 The Ticket Sportsfest at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi. As has been the case for the past three events, the four professional sports teams were the focus of today's event. I'm sure that it helps that the games for all four of the teams just happen to be broadcast by 97.1... a fact that probably helps to convince each team to participate!

    The first exhibit that we saw this year upon our arrival belonged to the Detroit Pistons.  They had a DJ, a basketball court, and a small store set up. We didn't really spend a lot of time here this year, as the music was blaring almost to the point where it was difficult to take. The kids didn't want to get in line to shoot a basket on the court, but they did take some shots on the rims set up nearby (like a pop-a-shot setup).

    Behind the Pistons area was that of the Detroit Tigers. They had a mock locker room setup, like in the past. They also had a father-son uniform combo this year, with both Cecil and Prince Fielder's jersey's on display. Some of the kids each took a turn throwing baseballs to see just how fast they could throw. I think each of them did well, but they were probably disappointed that none of them hit triple digits! We did get a chance to take a picture with Paws, the Tigers mascot while here.

    Behind the Tigers area was an inflatable obstacle course that each of the kids went over, some of them multiple times. There was also a face-painting area set up here, so Tara and stood in line here with the girls while I wandered around with the boys.

    We made a quick trip through the Detroit Lions exhibit, but the boys weren't too interested in doing anything here. I think that they have outgrown the football helmet bounce house here (and I am tired of signing a waiver for them to go inside it - the only bounce house waiver in the entire building!), and they have never taken an interest in the passing area that is set up. They also chose not to try the kicking area this year. Drew stood for a picture with Roary, the Lions mascot, but that was about it as far as Lions activities go.

    It was on to the final team, the Detroit Red Wings. This was the area that the kids enjoyed most (at least from what I saw). There wasn't too much new to see or do - the DJ was here again giving out random Red Wings paraphernalia, and all of the teams seem to be really interested in selling things now (I guess it had to get overly commercialized at some point). The Wings did have a new setup this year though, in that instead of a street hockey area they had an actual rink with real ice skates and everything. It wasn't ice, but was synthetic. Tyler did very well on it, but Drew was really frustrated by how hard it was to skate on. Once Tara and the girls were done, they gave it a shot as well and had a good time as well.

    With our last set of activities complete, we decided to call it a day. Another day of sporting fun under our belts, with everyone already looking forward to next year!

97.1 The Ticket Sportsfest

Samantha taking a shot at the Detroit Pistons exhibit.

Tyler taking a long distance shot.

Drew shooting on a lower rim.

Paws standing with Jayden, Drew, Samantha, and Sam's friend Mariah.

Like father, like son. Cecil Fielder's old Tigers jersey with his son Prince's new jersey.

Sam threw the baseball 32mph (she may have hit 35mph once, but the number was gone off of the machine when the photo was taken...).

Drew hit 29mph with one of his throws.

Jayden managed to get 16mph... not too shabby!

Jayden got to play catcher while Tyler peeked out from behind her.

Tyler also managed to sneak into Drew's picture as a catcher!

Jayden racing through the inflatable obstacle course.

Another picture of Jay on the obstacle course.

Drew coming over the first hill on the inflatable obstacle course.

Drew jumping down.

Drew going up the "rock climbing" portion of the obstacle course.

Drew nearing the top of the big hill.

Tyler reaching the top of the first hill on the inflatable obstacle course.

Tyler making his way down the hill - face first.

Tyler going up the "rocks".

Tyler nearing the top.

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