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    After being extremely disappointed in not making the 8th grade basketball team, Tyler worked extremely hard in strength and aerobic conditioning over the summer and into the school year with the hopes of making the freshman basketball team this season. Well, his hard work has paid off! Tyler got the notification that he has indeed made the team! At this point I don't have any details, other than the schedule, but when I get more information I will be sure to post it here...

  • Team Pictures - Go here to see the official team photograph.

Flint Metro League Freshman Basketball - Holly Bronchos



Location Time Result Score Record
  Dec 10 Game 1 - at Kearsley High School Kearsley 4:00pm W 59-25 1-0
  Dec 12 Game 2 - vs. Swartz Creek High School Holly 5:30pm L 68-51 1-1
  Dec 14 Game 3 - at Chelsea High School Chelsea 11:00am Postponed
  Dec 17 Game 4 - vs. Lapeer East High School Holly 4:00pm W 46-25 2-1
  Dec 19 Game 5 - at Brandon High School Brandon 5:30pm L 75-58 2-2
  Jan 06 Game 6 - vs. Linden High School Holly 5:30pm      
  Jan 14 Game 7 - vs. Clio High School Holly 4:00pm      
  Jan 16 Game 8 - at Fenton High School Fenton 5:30pm      
  Jan 21 Game 9 - at Lapeer West High School Lapeer 4:00pm      
  Jan 23 Game 10 - at Swartz Creek High School Swart Creek 5:30pm      
  Jan 28 Game 11 - vs. Kearsley High School Holly 4:00pm      
  Jan 30 Game 12 - vs. Brandon High School Holly 5:30pm      
  Feb 04 Game 13 - at Lapeer East High School Lapeer 4:00pm      
  Feb 05 Game 14 - at Linden High School Linden 5:30pm      
  Feb 11 Game 15 - at Clio High School Clio 4:00pm      
  Feb 18 Game 16 - vs. Lapeer West High School Holly 4:00pm      
  Feb 20 Game 17 - vs. Fenton High School Holly 5:30pm      
  Feb 25 Game 18 - at Lake Fenton High School Lake Fenton 4:00pm      


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