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July 27th, 2013              

    Here are some more pictures from the race...

Warrior Dash - Race Photos!

Tyler and Samantha descending the unnamed obstacle.

Carlos making his way across the peak of the obstacle.

Sam, Carlos, and Tyler approaching the "Cargo Climb".

Carlos and Sam nearing the "Warrior Roast" as Tyler crosses it.

Sam following Tyler into the "Muddy Mayhem" mud pit.

    And a few photos from after the race, both pre- and post-cleanup...

Warrior Dash - Post-Race Sights

Tyler, Carlos, and Samantha after finishing the race.

Rodney, Tyler, Sam, and Carlos making their way to the wash station after the race.

Tyler and Carlos dropping off the used shoes from the race today.

Carlos with the "I Survived" sign.

Tyler, Carlos, Samantha, and Rodney - we did it!

Jayden, Samantha, Drew, and Carlos posing for a photo (and showing off the Superman/National Guard capes that they got today).

Tara talking to our friend Kristy after the race.


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