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July 27th, 2013              

    On Saturday, July 27th, we once again competed in the Warrior Dash. This was my third year participating in the race, but my first without Tara. She graciously stepped aside to allow our foreign exchange student, Carlos, the opportunity to run. Tyler joined me for the second year in a row, and Samantha ran the race for the first time. Once again, the race took place over a 3.1 mile course, with 12 obstacles spread throughout (after a 1 mile run to spread people out in an attempt to keep the obstacles free of traffic jams). Although some of the obstacles were familiar to me, several were new. This made it nice, as it can get boring repeating the same obstacles over and over again. Thankfully we all managed to succesfully complete the course, injury free (that was important to me... the last thing I wanted to do was send Carlos home tomorrow with a broken bone or some other major injury)!

    Since Tara didn't run, she was able to take a few pictures of us before our run, as well as some of the sights during our race. This first group of pictures are some of the miscellaneous sightings that she saw...

Warrior Dash - Pre-Race Sights

Carlos, Tyler, Samantha, Rodney, and our friends, Bill & Kristy.

A look at the starting line, waiting for the race to begin.

Carlos and Tyler waiting in the starting area prior to the race.

One of the many costumes that runners wear during the Warrior Dash.

A "Filthy MILF" and a "Filthy DILF" waiting for the race to begin.

Sam making her way towards the starting line.

A couple of witches wandering towards the start line.

Although the costume meaning is unknown (caveman, perhaps?), it is pretty cool looking...

The Blues Brothers can be seen in this photo.

A couple of American patriots showing some skin.

Our friends Brian (all red), Amy (black shorts), and their daughter Ashlynn (crouching) during the race.

A man competed with a fireman's hat and a tutu.

Supergirl and Wonder Woman leaping over the fire.

These young lads carried logs with them.

    Tara was in the spectator area cheering us on today. She managed to get some pictures of us completing the last few obstacles, and this set of pictures is what she was able to see of us during the race...

Warrior Dash - Spectator Race Photos

Samantha, Rodney, and Carlos are cresting the cargo net as Tyler begins his descent.

Another picture of Sam, Rod, Tyler, and Carlos on the cargo net.

Sam, Tyler, Carlos, and Rodney getting ready to enter Muddy Mayhem, the mud pit at the end of the course.

Rodney taking a picture of Carlos, Sam, and Tyler in the mud.

Tyler making his way under one of the barbed wires hanging across the Muddy Mayhem obstacle.

Rod entering the mud as Carlos and Sam make their way through.

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