Independence Day

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July 4th, 2014              

    Tara & I woke the kids up early this morning with the intention of arriving in Fenton on time to lay claim to our parade location. Unfortunately we were late getting there and our spot was already occupied by chairs. Thankfully another family from our group of friends had arrived minutes before us and managed to secure an area big enough for our entire group. This year the kids went as a group before the parade to get a sno-cone from one of the local churches. Speaking of the parade, the kids really enjoyed it this year, and there were no complaints about not getting enough candy! We were on a corner this year, and that seemed to be a good spot to sit as the people walking the parade route seemed to be in a better mood to pass out candy at this location. After the parade was over we wandered over to the local bank, which was dishing out free root beer floats once again.

Freedom Festival Parade

This Native-American man walked in the parade behind the veterans (I was busy standing and clapping, so I missed taking their picture).

Some of our crowd lining the curb watching the parade.

The county Sherriff's marching in formation.

A man in a kilt playing bagpipes! And no, nobody checked to see if he was authentic underneath...

Abraham Lincoln even made a showing at the parade!

This custom bike appeared to be extremely difficult to ride - the front tire turned with the handlebar while the back wheel turned with the pedals!

Mr. Hungry Howie himself.

A giant protective security vehicle.

A Ford camper van.

Captain America made an appearance at the parade...

...and so did the devil from Red Devil.

A quad-copter flying above the parade route.

An old Chevrolet pickup truck.

This is the truck that Drew said the he wants to own.

Jayden was impressed with this little beauty queen.

A fire truck from the new Fire Hall restaurant located in Fenton.

The mascot from the Michigan Warriors hockey team made his presence known at the parade.

Even Batman walked the parade route today!

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