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November 2nd, 2014              

    Samantha and her new U15 Impact teammates played their final game of the weekend and the season in the afternoon after playing an early morning game today. Sam played at her usual midfield position in the first half, but was moved to forward in the second half. Although she doesn't feel comfortable as a forward, she really did a good job here - leading the charge down the sideline and passing the ball across to her teammates in the middle of the field. Unfortunately her efforts were for naught, as her team struggled once again. The managed to tie the game up before giving up a goal midway through the second half. They made a furious attempt to net the final game-tying goal before the final whistle blew. The end result was a 2-1 defeat, their third of the weekend.

Michigan Impact U15 Game 10 - at Pass FC Premier '00

Samantha settling the ball down after a kick out from goal.

Sam knocking the ball out of the air.

Sam stopping the ball as it crosses midfield.

Sam passing the ball ahead to her teammate sprinting alongside her.

Sam doing her best to beat her opponent to the ball...

...before colliding into her.

Sam dribbling the ball ahead before passing it up to her teammate.

Sam doing her best to make a move around a defender...

...before spinning around to go the other way.

Sam stopping the ball...

...and letting the defender move past...

...before splitting the defense with a pass to her teammate on her left.

Sam with the ball in the center of the field...

...and passing it out of a crowd.

Samantha on the sideline waiting to check back into the game with her teammates (and the coach's daughter).

Sam racing down the sideline while playing forward...

...and catching up with the ball...

...before the defender caught her...

...at which point she centered the ball towards the net between them.

Sam watching as her teammates battle for the ball.

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