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October 12th, 2014              

    Samantha received a last minute call asking if she would be willing to fill in for some injured players on the U15 Michigan Impact team. Of course she jumped at the opportunity, so off we went for her second game of the day. She was pretty nervous about playing with girls that she barely knew, but I think that she more than held her own. Unfortunately for the regular U15 girls, they aren't having as good of a season as the U14 girls are, as they have managed to win just a single game so far this fall season. This game was tight until just after halftime, when the Jaguars broke open the game with two quick goals to take a 2-0 lead. The Impact girls fought back late, scoring a goal to make it close. They applied a ton of pressure as the game was winding down, but they couldn't find the back of the net to tie the game up, suffering a 2-1 defeat as the game was called with 4 minutes remaining due to darkness.

Michigan Impact U15 Game 6 - vs. Michigan Jaguars CW3 Jaguars 00 Red

Samantha was cold when she finally entered the game part way through the first half.

Sam looking up at the ball as it comes down...

...and then controlling it as it hits the ground.

Sam lining up a kick down the field.

Sam running across the field.

Sam waiting for play to resume.

Sam running down the field beside an opposing player.

Sam kicking the ball ahead to a teammate as a defender approaches...

...while Sam leaps to avoid a major collision...

...and celebrating her landing!

Sam knocking the ball down with her leg...

...and passing the ball ahead to her teammates.

Sam settling the ball down.

Sam watching as the play heads towards the sideline.

Sam standing in the wall as an opposing player takes a penalty kick.

Sam made the pass to a teammate.

Sam lining up a long kick...

...and watching as her shot soars towards the goal (and almost into the net).

Sam watching the ball come her way.

Sam knocking down the ball once again.


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