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October 19th, 2014              

    After being called upon as an injury replacement in their previous game, Samantha once again was asked to play with the U15 Michigan Impact team. Today Sam saw action in the field during the first half and the start of the second half, but she volunteered to move into goal when the team's original goalkeeper suffered a leg injury. Sam played well in net, stopping everything that came her way. Thankfully she didn't have to face too many threats, as her teammates did a good job of keeping the ball down field. She was able to grab up the toughest shots that came her way, however, helping the new teammates secure a 1-0 victory, their second win of their season.

Michigan Impact U15 Game 7 - vs. SASA Saline 00 Swarm Black

Samantha lining up a long-distance shot that almost got over the goalkeepers head.

Sam challenging an opposing player for the ball.

Sam was able to knock the ball to a teammate with her right foot.

Samantha was forced into goal today when the regular U15 keeper went out with an injury.

Sam lining up a drop kick...

...before making contact with the ball...

...and watching it soar down the field.

Sam was keeping an eye on the action as the regular keeper is carried to the team bench in the background.

Sam passing the ball out to a defensive teammate.

Sam bending down to scoop up a shot on goal.

Sam keeping an eye on the

Sam jumping up to make a save in front of an onrushing player.

Sam lining up a drop kick after making a save...

...and preparing to make contact with the ball.

Sam walking to the sideline after the conclusion of the game.


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