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November 2nd, 2014              

    Samantha and her new U15 Impact teammates woke up early this morning to play a 9:00am game on a frost covered field at Davenport University in Grand Rapids. This was a close game played by two extremely evenly matched teams, but in the end a single goal was enough to claim victory. Unfortunately it wasn't the Impact team that got the goal, it was Vardar, late in the second half. Despite their best efforts, the Impact girls weren't able to net the equalizer, as they dropped their first game of the day.

Michigan Impact U15 Game 9 - at Vardar West 99-00 Premier

Samantha watching as an opposing player passes back to a teammate.

Sam controlling the ball with her feet...

...and moving around two Vardar players.

Sam blocking the ball with her body...

...and doing her best to keep her hands off the ball.

Sam in a footrace to the ball.

Sam challenging two opposing players or the ball.

Sam gaining control of the ball in front of a defender.

Sam lining up a long pass...

...and watching the follow through soar down the field.

Sam and another player going for the ball...

...and meeting in the middle.


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