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June 5th, 2015              

    I wasn't able to attend tonight's game, and aside from one big highlight from Samantha it sounds like I didn't miss anything. It seems as though the Reds really struggled at the plate tonight, which brings me to the one big highlight. After struggling from the plate for the past few games, Sam finally broke out of her slump - cranking out a big double (according to the coach it was the longest hit of the night). She struck out in her second at-bat, but walked in her final trip to the plate. Unfortunately the team wasn't able to string enough hits together to drive their teammates home, struggling against a pitcher who was definitely "on" tonight. Sam spent the night playing in center field tonight, after suddenly deciding that she likes it better than second base.

HLL Intermediate Baseball Holly Reds Game 13 - vs. Holly Red Sox

Samantha spent the night way out in center field for the duration of the game.

Sam swinging at a good pitch...

...and driving the ball deep into the outfield for a double.

Sam at the plate for her second at-bat of the game.

Sam ducking under a pitch over her head.

Sam looking at a ball go by on her way to a walk.


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