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    Samantha is playing what will likely be her final season of baseball for the Holly Little League. The age groups have been switched up a bit this season, and Sam is no longer in the "Major" league level. There are now two "travel" levels of baseball baseball in the Holly Little League system, Quadtown and Intermediate. Sam is playing for the Holly Reds in the Intermediate level, which is the more advanced of the two groups. They will be playing against teams from Rochester Hills and Waterford, in addition to two other Holly teams. As always, check back here for pictures and game results!

    For a quick reference, since the "Location" category below isn't the most descriptive... KRC = Karl Richter Campus, Field B, the home fields of the Holly Little League. Cyclone Park = Holly. Avondale M.S. = Rochester Hills, Field 5. Hart M.S. = Rochester Hills, Field 3. Mason M.S. = Waterford.

  • Opening Day - Click here for pictures from the Holly Little League Opening Day.
  • Team Pictures - Go here to see the official team photograph.
  • St. Clair Tournament - Follow this link to see the information for the St. Clair Fred Moore Memorial Rotary Tournament that Samantha played in on June 13th-14th.

Holly Little League Intermediate Baseball - Holly Reds



Location Time Result Score Record
  Apr 17 Game 1 - at Holly Red Sox KRC 6:30pm W 13-9 1-0
  Apr 22 Game 2 - vs. Rochester Hills Pirates KRC 6:30pm Rescheduled - May 17
  Apr 24 Game 3 - vs. Rochester Hills Angels + KRC 6:30pm W 17-3 2-0
  Apr 28 Game 4 - at Waterford Cardinals Mason M.S. 6:30pm W 9-4 3-0
  May 01 Game 5 - vs. Rochester Hills Indians * KRC 6:30pm W 12-1 4-0
  May 06 Game 6 - at Rochester Hills Orioles Avondale M.S. 6:30pm W 14-8 5-0
  May 08 Game 7 - vs. Holly White Sox * KRC 6:30pm T 7-7 5-0-1
  May 13 Game 8 - at Waterford Yankees Mason M.S. 6:30pm W 7-5 6-0-1
  May 15 Game 9 - vs. Waterford Cardinals* KRC 6:30pm W 8-7 7-0-1
  May 17 Game 2 - vs. Rochester Hills Pirates KRC 2:00pm W 10-0 8-0-1
  May 19 Game 10 - at Rochester Hills Dodgers Avondale M.S. 6:30pm W 13-6 9-0-1
  May 27 Game 11 - vs. Waterford Yankees ** KRC 6:30pm Canceled
  Jun 03 Game 12 - at Holly White Sox KRC 6:30pm W 11-8 10-0-1
  Jun 05 Game 13 - vs. Holly Red Sox Cyclone Park 6:30pm L 4-2 10-1-1
  Jun 08 Game 14 - at Rochester Hills Pirates Hart M.S. 6:30pm W 12-10 11-1-1
  + = Missed game due to injury.
  * = Missed game due to schedule conflict.
  ** = Game canceled due to shortage of players, inability to reschedule prior to playoffs.

    The results for the Intermediate League playoffs can be found below...

Holly Little League Intermediate Baseball Playoffs - Holly Reds



Location Time Result Score Record
  Jun 15 Semi-Finals - vs. Holly Red Sox KRC - B 6:30pm W 10-2 1-0
  Jun 17 North Division Championship - vs. Holly White Sox KRC - B 6:30pm W 13-3 2-0
  Jul 20 Intermediate League Championship - vs. Rochester Hills Pirates KRC - B 6:30pm      


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