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May 17th, 2015              

    This was an interesting day... Samantha was originally scheduled to only have a soccer game today, but an early season baseball postponement resulted in her second game of the season being rescheduled for today as well. At first Sam was just going to have to skip this game, but after figuring out the time frame we determined that she could probably play for a little over half of the baseball game before leaving to play in her soccer game. A quick check with the coaches resulted in the go-ahead for this plan, so off to baseball we went.

    Sam's team was home today, and she started out in the field at second base. She didn't see much action in the field throughout the game today, spending three innings total at second and the fourth inning in centerfield. Sam got to the plate twice during today's game, going 1-1 with a single in her first at-bat and a walk later in the game. Sam headed to the car as her team took to the field in the fifth inning, but a quick 1-2-3 inning resulted in a 10-0 mercy coming into play, ending the game at that point anyway. At least she didn't have to miss much!

HLL Intermediate Baseball Holly Reds Game 2 - vs. Rochester Hills Pirates

Samantha at second ready to field a ball at the start of the game.

Sam at second base once again.

Sam catching a throw from the catcher that was just a bit off the bag...

...and then throwing it back to the pitcher.

Sam running to the dugout between innings.

Sam touching first base after a single.

Sam taking a lead off of second base...

...and running to third on a teammate's hit...

...and rounding third on her way... touching home safely.

Sam moved to centerfield later in the game.

Sam running to the dugout after a successful inning.

Samantha looking for a good pitch to hit...

...but settling for a walk instead.

Sam taking a lead off of third base.


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